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Leveraging Celebrity for Good
Philanthropy is the best way for Players to leverage their celebrity, positively affect those causes close to their heart and continue to be relevant and remain in the public eye long after their playing days are over.

At the same time, unstructured giving can result in:

  • Loss of focus and impact
  • Dissipation of funds on developing and administrating a "giving" infrastructure
  • Chances for graft and loss of reputation.

Our process is a tested, step-by-step way to move from reactionary giving to Intentional philanthropy.   It includes:

  • Diagnostics - Through a number of interview/questionnaire sessions P4G personnel work with the athlete and other stakeholders to determine the real passion, essence and objectives for giving.

          This process really starts to shape the philanthropic model that is unique to the
          Player and can include:

  • Metrics for Success - Determining the deliverables, outcomes and metrics desired to show that the investment is delivering the desired effect on the community, the recipient individuals and the world. (Click here to see excerpt from Questionnaire).

  • Leveraging P4G Infrastructure - Because we work with other athletes, we already have a wide range of capabilities in place.  So whether you have an established foundation or are just starting out in philanthropy, we have the ability to augment skill sets where needed including:

          -- Athlete coaching
          -- Accounting and/or 3rd party Auditing
          -- Philanthropic focused PR and Marketing
          -- Supporter communications and contributions
          -- Strategic and growth planning

The bottom line is that for philanthropic success there has to be a game plan that addresses each stage of execution.  We provide that game plan and a sensible, logical process for getting there through each stage of the cycle.

Without it, or a gap at any stage from Education/Awareness to implementation of giving, and the effort will fail. 

It costs nothing to talk and explore.  Call and chat with our President, Greg McAleenan at _________.  If you glance at his bio, you will find a rare mix of "having been there" as a NFL player, a law background and rich experience in charitable organizations.

The T3 Planning Process™ 
takes Athletes through a logical, systematic process producing a giving game plan and structure that is unique to each.
Interview/questionnaire Sessions
designed to elicit goals and desires for philanthropy that the athlete may not have ever considered or been able to articulate